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The Pangolin PLDF is a model that builds models, allowing you to construct a forecast template, customised to your product and market, in seconds

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PLDF: The model that builds models

When building a forecast model, there is not such a thing as “one size fits all”. Each situation requires a different model to fit the specifics of your product and your market.

The PLDF will build you a market-specific forecast template in seconds, for drugs, devices and diagnostics. This can be populated with assumptions to create sophisticated pipeline product forecasts, complete with meaningful charts and analytics.

What do forecasters think about the PLDF?

Industry professionals score the PLDF as both easy to use (9 out of 10), and highly flexible (8 out of 10).

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When to use the PLDF?

The PLDF can be used when you need to build a forecast for an R&D drug, device or diagnostic, whether it's for:

  • Ongoing prioritisation of R&D candidates, indications or targeted patient segments
  • Opportunity assessment for a potential acquisition, out-licensing candidate or due diligence exercise


Building and rebuilding a model is so quick and so easy that you can use it live in a meeting to construct and refine your forecast flow, allowing for a rapid and streamlined process for achieving consensus among all stakeholders.

Equally simple is the process for distributing your forecast to subsidiaries or commercial partners. At the click of a button, split your multi-country forecast into individual countries. This can be done after you've input your assumptions, or send a blank template for input by local experts. Reconsolidate into your master forecast in seconds.

Continue to refine your assumptions and forecasts throughout the product’s development cycle. This can be carried out centrally, or at an individual country level.

Powerful features


The PLDF is an Excel-based tool, so the technology is familiar to advanced users.

However, it has been designed in such a way that you do not need to be an expert in Excel to use it.

The PLDF provides a universal and consistent forecasting methodology across your entire organisation, yet retains the flexibility to allow for different forecast structures in different indications, which have different variables that need to be accounted for.

The PLDF offers a transparent way of recording the assumptions and methodology driving your forecasts.

It also offers a mechanism to facilitate interaction and discussion across departments and countries, as products are being evaluated.

The PLDF is a platform that allows you to produce and analyse various 'what if' scenarios in seconds.

It includes a comprehensive set of data visualisation tools for a meaningful analysis of results and for testing the sensitivity of the various inputs. It includes a facility to consolidate scenarios and produce an NPV analysis.

Just how flexible is it?

  • Start your forecast in patients, treatment days, or units
  • Use the built-in population data for the top 15 pharmaceutical countries, available by sex and 5-year age bands
  • Filter and refine your eligible market with multiple funnelling steps
  • Introduce segmentation at various levels
  • Precisely shape the penetration of your drug, introducing events and generic competition impacts specific to each individual country and segment
  • Convert patient data to revenues simply, using dose and price, or add complexity and factor in compliance and persistence

Why choose the PLDF?

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To save time and money.

Constructing models from scratch is time consuming, while adapting existing models risks the introduction of calculation errors. In addition, the assumptions driving your forecast are liable to change continually, for example, when:

  • introducing a new segment
  • adding a country
  • refining your patient definition
  • building a new scenario

Every time you need a new forecast, or whenever you want to change your working assumptions, you don't have the time to wait for the design & construction of a new model.

Time is always of the essence.

The PLDF allows you to build new models without worrying about calculation errors in seconds, saving you time and money.

“Pangolin is probably the simplest, most capable and flexible Excel based forecasting tool that I have worked with.”

Erik Holzinger, groupH

“Sanofi chose Pangolin PLDF because it's flexible, reliable and easy to use. It saves a great deal of time building and consolidating forecasts across our organisation.”

Thierry Boutin, Sanofi

“It's a great tool [with] some great ideas built into it. I was impressed by its speed and flexibility.”

Head of forecasting, Global pharma company

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Technical support and information

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The tool is so easy to use that it doesn't require a training course, however Pangolin offer a full support package, including company-specific workshops, where real-life case studies from your forecasting projects are used to demonstrate the tool in the context of your business needs.

Subscribers have immediate access to the PLDF via a bespoke email delivery system, direct from our dedicated server; no passwords, no download forms, no lengthy admin processes.

The PLDF has been designed for use on Microsoft Excel, and is compatible with versions 2007, 2010 and 2013. The PLDF runs on Windows XP or above.

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